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Lyons Motor Car founder Kevin W. Lyons is an artist and graphic designer, a graduate of The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Raised as a fine artist, he began his artistic education at the age of four. His studies include graphic design and modern & fine art.  He also extended his studies in exercise physiology, human anatomy biomechanics, engineering, and fabrication as popularized by the famed history of Leonardo DaVinci

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"I considered myself lucky when I had the opportunity to come aboard as graphic designer at J.Crew under the auspices of Arthur Cinader, founder and former CEO of J.Crew. Fresh out of college, I led a small group of designers to re-create the company logo (from J.Crew Outfitters to J.Crew & Clifford Wells group of companies) and corporate branding in the days before the company had retail stores. Amidst this new career success, and with the duties of study and education behind me, I felt something was still missing, I wished the logos I designed were cars, but in the late 1980's it was impossible in NYC.
My Father used to call me "cars on the brain" because I was constantly distracted by the sound and speed as they zoomed by. I was taught cars through osmosis by my Father over a lifetime of learning, and it's the career path he wished I'd taken. Next, I landed the title of Art Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine for the challenging and infamous Editor-In-Chief Helen Gurly Brown most demanding woman I ever met. At this point, I still hadn't put my mind together enough to make the jump to automotive design/engineering. Instead of as a hobbyist customizing mid-1960's to 1980's muscle cars, restoring old cars wasn't the answer either. Abruptly in 1995, my car-building dreams came crashing down after a stage four lymphoma scare and later diagnosed with the severe autoimmune disease sarcoidosis. Some say it came from years of exposure to paint thinners involved in art and cars, and I never wore a mask or respirator back in those days.  It was a multi-year battle to regain my health and quality of life via college-level health & wellness education, multiple degrees, certificates in human anatomy, exercise physiology, anti-aging, holistic healing, and orthopedic medicine.